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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
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Photographers who participate with our photography shootout events are encouraged to take credit for their hard work, as the Tampa Shootouts web site is also here to promote them. Photographers often park in the most difficult places to get the shots that they are after.Please share your pictures with us, and we will reference the relevant shootout event where the picture was taken, anyone in the photograph or involved with taking the photograph, and the profile of the photographer here on this site (Please also see Professionals, our participants section. Please note that we limit promotion here on the Tampa Shootouts site to professional photographers who have a valid occupational license, a web site (with a .Com or other domain name- NOT Facebook or some other freebie social media site profile being used as a primary business site, as there are too many people claiming to be photographers on those sites who are actually amateur photographers or photography hobbyists), quality business cards with your photography work printed on them, business references, and verifiable experience working in industry. We promote professionals who can demonstrate an investment into their career. Either that, or you need to be a really, er, VERY talented photographer who can consistently turn out superior, creative work, and a photographer who we all can agree deserves to be promoted on Tampa Shootouts solely based upon the merits of their work alone; by default, however, such a photographer would have all of the above, anyway, or would be serious about working their way toward obtaining their career tools).

NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER? NO PROBLEM! ALTHOUGH IT MAY NOT BE A PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOTOUT EVENT, WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU, TOO! If you are an aspiring professional photographer who does not have professional experience, or who is working on developing your first photography portfolio, our photography shootout events may not be for you. Most of our shootout events are for professionals only. We suggest checking out our Tampa Bay photography workshop events, such as the Focus modeling photography workshops, which are instructed by experienced professionals, and make the investment into becoming a professional before attempting to attend a shootout event. Unlike most of our photography shootout events in the Tampa Bay area, however, our photography workshops, also in the Tampa Bay area, are not offered free of charge. There is a cost to attend, but it is a good value and an investment toward building a professional career. Also, our high-risk modeling photography workshop, Lace, is NOT for new or aspiring photographers (Lace is also a more exclusive modeling photography workshop event with a higher price tag, and it is currently our most expensive event to attend, as the models are top-dollar, and worth the expense, AND we want to discourage amateurs from attending these workshops). You have to know what you are doing and become aware of the risks before attempting this kind of work, as you have to minimize conflicts which can cripple your marketability in the business; most photographers who work high-risk markets are experienced professionals who choose to specialize in that field, with the full knowledge that it may limit the more mainstream work that they will be able to book; high-risk work, once done, cannot be undone. This workshop is for experienced professional photographers only, which shouldn't really be a problem limiting the workshop to professionals because Lace is our most expensive photography workshop event. The price is worth it, however, because those workshops have some of the best swimsuit, boudoir, and glamour models in the industry who are available in the Tampa Bay market.


To be eligible to publish your work on Tampa Shootouts or to have a photographer profile on Tampa Shootouts, you are required to attend at least one photography shootout event, and the work published on this site must be from photography done at one of our shootout events. To post your photographs on Tampa Shootouts, please send us your edited image files, with your copyright mark (We may publish a tutorial on adding copyright marks to image files, adding a watermark, and optimizing photographs for publishing on Tampa Bay Photographers when it launches, but as of 03/15/12, the site has not launched, and although we have refined techniques for doing this, we do not currently publish that information on any of our web sites, as we consider the format to be a trade secret, for now) on the image, at a size of 300 X 400 @ 72 DPI/ PPI for vertical compositions, or 400 X 300 @ 72 DPI/ PPI for horizontal compositions. We will add our exclusive Tampa Shootouts watermark to the image before publishing it on the web site, which does not assume any copyright or image ownership, and does not detract from your copyright.
As a final note, feel free to get creative when you submit your picture to us. Add a caption describing the photography shoot at our shootout. Or, if we are familiar with the story behind the shot, you could allow us to come up with something. It’s up to you!

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