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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
Tampa Shootouts
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TAMPA BAY MODELING - One of the world's top modeling resource sites, and it's here in Tampa Bay, Florida!

AURORA PHOTOARTS TAMPA PHOTOGRAPHY AND DESIGN - The top photography and design company in our market.

TAMPA BAY PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY - Coming in 2014. Soon to be the best professional photography association in the Tampa Bay industry.

FLORIDA MODELS - Florida's top modeling resource site, and the world's oldest modeling career resource web site. The original mentor of Independent Modeling. Coming full circle, Florida Models is now an Independent Modeling site, and it is owned my Independent Modeling.

INDEPENDENT MODELING - The world's top modeling resource site.

FRONTIER POP - Monthly Tampa pop culture and entertainment online magazine and reference web site.

09/23/11/0700 - 05/28/13/0900



Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series

Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts

Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts

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Modeling and talent expert and photographer C. A. Passinault, Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, and director of Tampa Bay Modeling. C. A. Passinault has been the professional behind the modeling careers of several top models in the Tampa Bay market, and has been Tampa Bay's original, and best, model maker since 2000. C. A. Passinault is also an event planner, and owns all of the organizations, web sites, and companies supporting his Tampa Shootouts series.

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