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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
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Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts. Provocative swimsuit, glamour, boudoir, lingerie, and sexy modeling. 18 and over.

Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts

Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts. High-risk modeling photography shootouts events which minimize the risks. Provocative swimsuit - glamour - boudoir - lingerie - sexy modeling. For industry professionals who are 18 and over. Free for professionals.Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts

Provocative swimsuit - glamour - boudoir - lingerie - sexy modeling. For industry professionals who are 18 and over. Free for professionals.

Offering a photography shootout event series like Allure is going to prove controversial, but when you look at one of the reasons why a group of industry professionals got together and created Tampa Shootouts, it’s controversy that we welcome. The Tampa Bay market needs it, and it needs it because there is a desperate need for a safe, ethical, professional alternative to what is already out there.
For years, many of the shootout and workshop events in the Tampa Bay area were for glamour modeling photography, which was promoted as mainstream and safe. A lot of us had problems with this. Glamour, boudoir, lingerie, modeling sexy, modeling in skimpy swimsuits, and modeling in provocative poses is NOT what you want to do if you are a mainstream model who wants to maximize their marketability. It will hurt the career of a mainstream model, and will limit the modeling jobs that they can get. Likewise, photographers who do too much of this work will limit their careers, especially if they are trying to do commercial photography and want to work modeling portfolio photography and talent headshot photography, because it conflicts with the public image of most companies, and new models and talent who are in the market for portfolios and headshots won’t like it, either.
This is high-risk work, and you need to think of it like sugar. Sugar tastes good, but it can ruin your health if you are not careful.
Although high-risk shootouts and workshops are out there, they are not going away, and we would never promote them as something for everyone, we realized that there had to be a professional, ethical alternative to what was going on in the market. High-risk modeling and photography is legitimate, but it is risky, and requires a lot of caution and professional instruction. Those other shootouts and workshops which offered sexy modeling photography were not only not getting the job done, hurting the careers of the participants without letting them know the risks, but were downright misleading people.
We had to do something about it, and we are.
It was obvious that starting family and career-friendly photography shootout events like the Athena shootouts would set a new standard in the market for photography shootouts, but it wouldn’t do anything to directly compete with the other shootouts because we were not going after their market. We have to go after that market, because those are the people who are being hurt the most by the unethical and unprofessional high-risk shootouts which have plagued the market.
So, welcome to the most advanced high-risk modeling photography shootout event series that the Tampa Bay market has ever seen! We had to provide a professional, and a safer, alternative to what others were doing. Our Allure shootout events will also have an emphasis on educating the participants on the risks, as well as provide solutions to keeping risks low.
As a professional photographer who has worked the modeling and talent photography market in Tampa Bay for over a decade now, I always stayed away from anything that would be high-risk, with the exception of a few swimsuit shoots every now and then. One of the main reasons for this is that a large percentage of my market were parents trying to get their daughters into modeling. Do you really think that they would have called my company up if I had racy work all over my sites?
Of course, this ultra-safe approach worked well for my core business, but I was never a threat to photographers who did a lot of high-risk work. I didn’t work their market. The entire time, though, I realized that there were people out there seeking such high-risk work because they wanted it. Young women who wanted to get into modeling also wanted it, because they thought that such work was what modeling was all about. A lot of people were getting misled and hurt, and although I helped them as much as I could by telling them what was going on through my modeling sites, such as Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling, they were still getting hurt. I realized that I would not be able to do as much as I could unless I directly went after the high-risk photography market, and I spent years figuring out just how to do this while maintaining the marketability of my main photography business.
I figured it out, and now I’m going after this market.

PUBLISHED 10/17/11

UPDATED 10/22/11



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