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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
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Tampa Shootouts is a marketing and support site for our Tampa shootout and workshop events. Although our two main shootouts events are for modeling photography, being the monthly Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series, and the irregular, and more private, Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts, this site is used for other shootout events by us, as well as workshops.
Beacon modeling photography shootouts.The Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts events were initiated in October 2011 in the wake of our first failed attempt at launching the monthly Athena shootouts. Although the first Athena shootout event was well organized, and would have been worth attending, no one attended because of a combination of bad luck and no-call, no-shows. It was then that we realized that we could not depend upon outside photographers and models to make these events work, and that the only way that the shootouts would be effective is to have a core team of models and photographers to attract the outside participants; the core team ensuring that we could proceed regardless of outside participation. The Beacon shootouts were initiated by Aurora PhotoArts and Tampa Bay Modeling to orientate, and prepare, models for both the Athena monthly shootouts, which they would staff, and the Focus Modeling Photography Workshops, primarily marketed and supported on our sister site, Tampa Workshops, TampaWorkshops.Com. Event organizer and photographer C. A. Passinault originally did not want his model clients involved with the shootouts, as his photography company and the Tampa Shootouts are separate business endeavors, and after the first attempt, when it was decided that we needed to staff our shootout events, Passinault created the Beacon program as a transitional program for his model clients to be able to participate with the shootouts. Beacon shootouts are closed, private sessions primarily for the model clients of Aurora PhotoArts and Tampa Bay Modeling, and are classified. It serves as a buffer, or a green room of sorts, and a filter for the other shootouts. Beacon is the way to supply us with an endless supply of talented models, all of whom are among the best of the Aurora PhotoArts and Tampa Bay Modeling clients, while addressing security risks, especially in business.
Most of the photography done at our Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts will be used toModel Ann Poonksem photographed during the original Athena shootout on September 25, 2011. market our other shootout events, especially Athena, as well as our workshop events, such as the Focus Modeling Photography Workshops.
Beacon, Athena, and Focus (For clients of Aurora, it would be Espy, Aurora, Beacon, Athena, Focus, and additional paying work). Three photography events which connect and lead-in to each other, and each with a specific purpose. The way to Focus is through Athena.
It should also be noted that all of our shootouts, Athena and Beacon included, are also symbiotic with our workshop events, such as the Focus workshops, so models and others who work the workshops will also participate with the shootouts, creating a cycle of qualified professional participation once this all gets up to speed. No other shootout or workshop event in the Tampa Bay market, as well as the rest of Florida, will be able to match, or even approach, what we have to offer.
The Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Events Series shootout events are our backbone shootout events series, and are our primary shootouts. The Athena shootout events will also be our most numerous. The primary purpose of the Athena shootouts is for professionals to network. Another main purpose for our Athena events is to screen and audition models, talent, and photographers for subcontracted jobs at our shootout events; photographs taken of models and talent at the Athena shootouts will be used to market the workshops that they participate and/ or instruct in. Speaking of photographs, photography is also an emphasis with the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series. Although, in no way, is Athena, or any of our other shootouts, supposed to be a way for any model or photographer to build a full portfolio for free, as most participants are supposed to already have professional portfolios, there are advantages; participants will be able to walk away with some great pictures from the shootouts, as well as worthwhile industry contacts.
We mean “most” participants because there is another purpose for the Athena shootouts, andThis is Hayley, who was there talking to us the day of the original Athena shootout event on September 25, 2011. that purpose is to market our workshops. While more for aspiring photographers than aspiring models, our shootouts will give them a taste of what our professional instructors have to offer, and give them an incentive to invest in one, or more, of our workshop events, even though is must be noted that no one is obligated, in any way, to buy anything or to pay for a workshop when they participate in our shootouts, especially if they are being auditioned and considered for a subcontracted job at one of our workshops (the latter case meaning that they are not in the target market of paying for a workshop to begin with, since they don’t need it). New photographers and models will be encouraged to invest in their careers. Established professionals, on the other hand, have genuine opportunities to share their knowledge and skills while getting paid.
Of course, we will have other shootout events, too, under various schedules and brands.
While our flagship shootout event, Athena, is family and career friendly, we will have other types of shootouts to address other markets in the photography and modeling industries, including high-risk work, if desired. It is our professional obligation to provide a safe, professional, and ethical alternative to glamour, boudoir, bikini, and other high-risk shootouts which seem to plague the industry today. These shootouts are speciality shootouts, all for professionals only, and will be developed and deployed as needed.

Future event dates subject to change without warning. Event titles, themes, and other details subject to change without warning; all planned events are tentative.

Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
Athena photography events are monthly shootouts for modeling photography and networking,The official poster for the first Athena shootout event. primarily. Shootouts are also used for evaluating professionals in working auditions for subcontracted jobs. Other features, including regular features, subject to individual event requirements.

ASE 0001: The Outland
TBA, 2012.
Theme: The outdoors/ hiking.
Type: Casual outdoor.
Location session in Riverview, Florida.

Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts
The Beacon shootouts are private, classified shootout events done by Aurora PhotoArts and its model clients. The Beacon shootouts are designed to create marketing material for Athena shootouts and other shootout events of Tampa Shootouts. There are at least two of these shootout events scheduled for the remainder of 2011, and they will happen before the first Athena shootout event. Beacon shootouts will not be marketed and will not be announced, as they are private shootouts which may use primary Aurora PhotoArts locations (Athena shootouts are limited to secondary Aurora PhotoArts locations and less-sensitive locations, for security reasons) and the model clients of Tampa Bay's leading modeling photography company, Aurora PhotoArts. The Beacon shootouts will only be revealed after they happen, and then, at that, most of the material developed from the Beacon events will be used to market Athena and other shootouts. Again, Beacon shootouts are classified, and are private shootouts not open to the general public, mainly used to support other Tampa Shootouts shootout events and workshops.

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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series

Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts

Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts

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