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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
Tampa Shootouts
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All participants of any shootout event participate at their own risk, and assume all potential liability.
All participants of the Tampa Shootouts event are required to identify themselves with a photo I.D. and proof of age before being allowed to participate with any event. All participants are required to read, comprehend, and sign a written agreement before being allowed to proceed with the participation of any event.
Although there is no cost, unless otherwise specified, for participating with any shootout event, participants assume all responsibility of any costs which are incurred as a result of their participation with the event, which includes, but is not limited to, parking, traffic citations, fuel, milage, food, water, and other costs. Food, water, equipment, and supplies are NOT provided for at any of these events, and participants are responsible to bring what they need. Participants accept complete responsibility for any connections or agreements made as a result of participating with the event, which include people who they meet, and agree to hold Tampa Shootouts, the organizers, and our affiliates, sponsors, and partners harmless from any and all claims of liability and legal action. Potential legal action and liability are waived from Tampa Shootouts and all of the above affiliates.
Participants of our events are encouraged to bring business cards and other material, to meet other participants, and to let others know more about you, as networking is one of the main purposes of these events.
No promises of employment or jobs were made for the consideration of participation in any of our shootout events, and we are not obligated to refer any participants into any paid job.

PUBLISHED 09/24/11

UPDATED 09/24/11



Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series

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