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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
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Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts

Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts

Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts - Fall 2011The Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts are a classified, private shootout event series primarily for the model clients of Aurora PhotoArts and Tampa Bay Modeling. The main purpose is to support other Tampa Shootouts photography shootout events, especially the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series. Most of that support comes in preparing models to staff the other shootouts, as well as creating marketing material to support those shootouts. The Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts are not marketed to the public, and most of the work from these events is re branded to support and market other shootout events, such as Athena, Allure, Focus, and Lace.
The Beacon program is very selective, and only a small percentage of the model clients of Aurora PhotoArts are invited to participate, as, much like other shootouts and workshops, we do not want competitors using any of these events to attempt to measure the volume of business that our photography business partner does; the numbers will not add up, and they will be useless. The Beacon Shootouts are only for the best of the model clients of Aurora PhotoArts, with the description of the best also meaning a good psychological and mental fit for assisting with our events.
As of 12/12/11, Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts have been expanded to include professional models and photographers, kind of like a private, smaller, more exclusive version of the original specifications for the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series; there will be some overlap. These versions of Beacon, most of which will not have any Aurora PhotoArts model clients in attendance (we will try to limit mixing untrained Aurora PhotoArts models with others, especially with the Beacon curriculum for those models will not be included in the versions for outside participants. We are not training outside participants, and will not expose outsiders to this material, as such training is provided on a need-to-know basis only, and since they are not Aurora PhotoArts clients, they do not need to know), will be used for specific evaluations of professionals for shootout and workshop events, as well as to promote other events and to create marketing resources for the other events. As a result of this enhanced Beacon Shootout program, the parameters of the Athena Shootout events have also changed; the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series will now be more open to the public, and will have an additional tiered purpose, a purpose which ties in directly with the workshops. Athena Shootouts, being publicly marketed and promoted, as also much larger than a Beacon Shootout, and can be up to ten times the size (Beacon Shootouts are usually around 3 to 10 participants, and Athena Shootouts can range from 8 to 60, or even larger, although most Athena Shootouts will be in the range of 20 to 40 participants). Athena Shootouts are also more extensively covered, and unlike the Beacon Shootouts, coverage material developed in the event is published under the event branding (Beacon material is rebranded and adjusted in context to support other event brands).
Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts will not be promoted or marketed. They are private, secret modeling photography events which are put together in complete secrecy and confidence, and the participants are invited directly. Invited participants are given information only on a need to know basis, only, and are only given the minimal information that they need to participate. They are also instructed to keep this information confidential. Beacon Shootouts, however, will be extensively covered on Tampa Shootouts after they happen, with sensitive information eliminated from the coverage, classified, and not released. The coverage and marketing support material is there to promote and market our shootouts and workshops, and not there for competitors to learn from and to attempt to use that information to copy our events.
Beacon Shootouts also contain a lot of security and information-security related instruction, as the models have to be prepared how to handle certain questions and specific situations, and they will be instructed to report breaches of etiquette and protocol in our other events. They will be our eyes and ears, as well as the subjects and the assistants. Models will also be informed about the conditions of the market, who the legitimate players are, as well as the risks. This instruction is required to help prevent the reverse-engineering of our public events, as well as competition shopping in our events. The courses are designed to make the models aware, to prepare them, and to harden the models as targets.
The use of the word “Beacon” in this shootout event series represents shining a bright light on the shootouts and the workshops to attract outside participants to other events’ marketing and promotional material developed from Beacon events it designed to attract outsiders to our events. Inversely, there is a black ops side to Beacon, with many of the features, and details, highly secretive, as this event series is invitation-only, and not available to the public. Anyone asking to participate with a Beacon Shootout event will be denied, as participants have to be directly invited. Anyone too interested in Beacon, when the more appropriate Athena, and other public shootout events, are available, makes them a security risk.

PUBLISHED 10/12/11

UPDATED 12/13/11



Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series

Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts

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