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Aperture Photography Shootouts



The Aperture Photography Shootouts were created to fill a specialized purpose on January 4, 2012. Once the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series Shootouts begin, the Aperture Photography Shootouts will become very important.
The Aperture Photography Shootouts are the last of the first generation of photography shootout events, and, at the time of this writing, are the fourth Tampa Shootouts photography event series property, with a planned lifetime of many years, just like the others. At this time, there are two more photography shootout series properties in development, but these are the first of the second generation. Both of those shootouts will also not be events which are free of charge, and they will cost, although not as much as a photography workshop event.
Currently, as of 01/06/12, the function and the format of the Aperture Photography Shootouts is classified, with the name the only detail that has been released, and an obscure relationship chart showing Aperture in relation to the other shootout and workshop event properties with event frequency, cost, and other information (although rates of the workshops are not specified, and they are currently classified, and it is generally known that all current shootout events are offered free of charge). These are the only clues about the purpose of the Aperture Shootouts, and make the Aperture Photography Shootouts currently even more secretive than the Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts. This, of course, will change in due time.
As the time for the first Aperture Photography Shootout event nears, details about the purpose will be revealed, as well as other relevant information, especially since marketing to the target audience will reveal that. Still, details about this shootout event are dispensed, much like the other shootout events, on a need to know basis, only.
According to the relative shootout event chart just published, in a given year there will be six Aperture Photography Shootouts, although the chart does not specify the purpose or the function (although this may be guessed from analysis of the chart with the Aperture Shootouts in relation to the others). This event frequency is speculative, of course, as well as tentative, and may change at any time, and without warning.
All of the shootout event properties of Tampa Shootouts, including Aperture, are engineered and designed to be resistant to reverse engineering, with most operating details classified and invisible to the participants. This discourages competitors from shopping us and from copying our events, and ensures that most will only be able to come up with third-rate, counterfeit knock-offs of our superior events. This enables Tampa Shootouts to set standards in the market, and to maintain leadership. After all, if they have to copy us and react to what we bring to the market, how good can they be? Follow the leader! Would you rather go to an inferior copy, or go to the source for what you need?

PUBLISHED 01/06/12

UPDATED 01/06/12



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