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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
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Trendy, ultra-cool micro model Kyra during the first official Tampa Shootouts modeling photography session, “Genesis”, on February 17, 2014, in Riverview, Florida. This was a Beacon Shootout, a small shoot, and the photographs developed from it will be used for Athena Shootout marketing, which is the case with all Beacon Shootouts. This session was a blast, as you can see here. Trivia: Because the actual Beacon agreement was not ready to be used for this session, and was in development, Aurora PhotoArts modeling photography service agreements and releases were modified and used; ironically, the agreements for the Athena Shootouts, which now need to be updated and upgraded, have been ready for use since the Fall of 2011. Photograph by Tampa Bay photographer C. A. Passinault, Aurora PhotoArts. Photograph used under the terms of a written release on file. (C) Copyright 2014 Aurora PhotoArts, Tampa Shootouts. All rights reserved.

TBA - Riverview (Tampa Bay), Florida
"The Outland"
Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event 0001

ALERT 01/07/23/0054 - Updated for 2023.

This site is no longer an official site for what we are doing, but we are maintaining it online as a legacy prototype web site. It has been moved to a new server and has seen updates to its root content.

ALERT 10/08/16/0315 - Locking down the web site in preparation for the launch of the Successor of Tampa Shootouts. Content removed.

Although the web site for the successor of Tampa Shootouts has been ready to launch since early 2015, over a year ago (and it should have been launched last year, but we have plenty of time to get it established), and it will be late 2017 at the earliest before it can begin operations, that web site is about to launch.
Because it is about to launch, and, although outdated, there is information on Tampa Shootouts which could be used by aspiring competition to learn from in order to compete with us, C. A Passinault ordered some information on the Tampa Shootouts web site to be removed and that the site be placed on lockdown. Information which has been removed include the 14 pages of content for the Athena photography events, which, frankly, should have never had that much detailed information published about it online. The Athena events have been further developed and have spun off from the successor of Tampa Shootouts, and those new events will have their own web site (and possible as many as three).
The blog and the news sections, which also contained sensitive information, have also been mostly shut down.
He also ordered that this web site link to the new site once it has launched, which could be as soon as later this morning.
New security protocols and enhanced business and marketing formats have been adopted for the business.
Information and content which has been removed has been archived and backed up, and both initial publication and first use can be verified and proven online and offline.
The Tampa Shootouts site will be completely locked down and will not be updated again, with the exception of the removal of more content in the future, once the site for the successor of Tampa Shootouts is operational.
This site will remain online, however, until we decide what to do with it (We could turn it into a specifically branded event series property under the new business).

ALERT 12/03/15/0311 - Progress report of the successor of Tampa Shootouts.

We have plenty of money on hand for what comes next, which is setting up a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), assigning copyrights to that legal entity, and then setting up a fictitious name and an occupational license for an event business under the new branding, which will be a DBA (Doing Business As) of the LLC (This event business, optimized for photography events, is but a prelude to a massive Passinault event planning business, originally founded in 1990, which will once again become the core Passinault company, as the best event planning company in the Tampa Bay area).
Although Aurora PhotoArts is a different business than the successor of Tampa Shootouts, it, too, will be reorganized under the LLC, as it is no longer considered to be a sole proprietor business, due to dramatically expanded operations in the market. Aurora PhotoArts will be the dominant photography company in the Tampa Bay area when it comes to work with models and talent, and although it has been the leading company for this specialized work in the Tampa Bay area since 2002, what is coming will be a game-changer.
All of this legal and licensing work will be complete this month, in December, 2015.
Since we are aware that hostile parties and the opposition monitor this web site, this is all that we can say, with the exception of a little more, which we are about to get to. We will not be disclosing what the branding of the successor of Tampa Shootouts is on this web site, nor will we link to the new marketing and support web site for that business when it launches (it is still 80% complete, and is also currently awaiting new code to make it mobile-friendly. It is looking great, too). The successor of Tampa Shootouts will be a fully licensed, operational business in 2016, five years after development began with Tampa Shootouts in 2011, and it will become a leading, sustainable source of PAID modeling jobs for professional models in the Tampa Bay area, which, by default, will force others to start paying models (they will no longer have a choice; they will have to pay models if they wish to compete and stay in business, and this includes the people running fashion events and runway shows whom exploit models as free labor).
To be clear, too, although we are affiliated with Aurora PhotoArts, models who are being considered for our modeling jobs will NOT be obligated to buy any services from Aurora PhotoArts or us to be considered, and our different business will not mix, as potential conflicts of interests will be avoided. We are serious about not only being 100% legitimate (Although there was never any other option considered, because we are legitimate), but in also obtaining credibility with the perception of being legitimate. Modeling job scams, which we are serious about fighting with and eliminating from the market (one reason for the successor of Tampa Shootouts and the modeling jobs program of Independent Modeling is to displace the modeling job scams which currently plague the Tampa Bay area with legitimate, professional, paying modeling jobs, which will force the scams and the unethical schemes to clean up their act and become legitimate, or risk going out of business. Of course, going legitimate may be a bit difficult, because we are not going to teach them how to do it; thus, most of them will go out of “business”), are too common, and the only way to undermine them is to displace them with real modeling jobs which pay well.
What we will be doing will force others to clean up their act, as they will have no choice.
Fully integrated with the modeling jobs program of Independent Modeling, Florida Models, and Tampa Bay Modeling, this new modeling photography event business will also lead by example by cutting out the modeling and talent agency middleman and will be booking professional independent freelance models directly into the events, which means that the models will make more money since they will not have to pay agency commission. The models will be quickly and efficiently evaluated for risk using the Risk Analysis System (RAS) of Independent Modeling, which will be made available free of charge to all businesses so that they no longer have to go through agencies to obtain models. This will show businesses, and prove to them, that the agency way is no longer the only way, by example, and that those businesses no longer have to go through agencies to obtain models, and no longer have to be dependent upon the agencies.
We are going to change how everything works.

ALERT 09/24/15/0510 - Successor To Tampa Shootouts.

We have been busy over the Spring and the Summer, but the successor to Tampa Shootouts is coming along, with the main web site 80% complete since early this Summer. The branding and design work is outstanding, easily eclipsing what we have here on the Tampa Shootouts web site.
We are now working on licensing, contracts, releases, liability reduction, and workflow protocols.
Back in March, we finalized pay and scheduling formulas, ensuring that professional models will be paid well for participating with the events. We also reorganized some things, which separate the networking events from the business events.
With a search engine throwing us a curve ball, the web site for the successor to Tampa Shootouts is currently on hold, which is why it is still at 80% completion. We are waiting on code to complete the site and to build and deploy the others.
The successor to Tampa Shootouts will use seven domain names, with four of those operating domain names and used for web sites, and three of them used for marketing and “cap” domains.
Additional domain names and web sites are an option.
This new business, and it is being set up as a business separate from our photography businesses and other web sites, is scheduled to begin operation in 2016.

ALERT 03/21/15/1004 - Seven Domain Names.

This is it.
C. A. Passinault, today, approved the acquisition and use of seven domain names to be used for the successor of Tampa Shootouts, with the option for an eighth. Seven domain names; all completely new. Funding and work resources have been put aside for this large, ongoing project. This is an indication of how serious that this program, which has become a self-contained business and a sister company to his two photography companies, has become. The scope and the sophistication of the successor of Tampa Shootouts far exceeds that which was developed for Tampa Shootouts, meaning that anyone using what is on Tampa Shootouts to learn from and use to compete with be seriously outgunned, and the new business model is designed to easily defeat what was developed for Tampa Shootouts, which has been outdated for several years, now.
The successor of Tampa Shootouts will be huge, and it will be the dominant modeling photography event business in the Tampa Bay area, as well as the rest of Florida; it will set the standard for these kind of events in Florida, and will be the standard for others to aspire to, although, with a lot of the details of what makes it work under wraps and invisible to the participants, it will be very difficult to study and to reverse engineer our events (they will see the effects, and not the cause. The events will be easy and intuitive for participants to get involved with and utilize, but the mechanics of the business, marketing, and sales engine powering this will be under the hood, and will be invisible to them. Security is extremely important to us, and countermeasures to being studied and ripped off have been engineered into every aspect of our business), and it will close to impossible to match. It will also be extremely difficult to compete with us, as a result.
These events will become a leading supplier of modeling work for professional models in the Tampa Bay area, and Passinault has worked hard with a team of models to ensure that models will be paid well.
The web sites will be built and deployed this Spring and Summer, with operations beginning this Fall, with the full roll out in 2016. Branding and other details are classified, with branding to be revealed when we are ready, and operational details are to remain tightly protected secrets.
Two web sites will be built and deployed for the massive, ongoing research and development program for Aurora PhotoArts, which is its secret Skunkworks program and the successor to Curtain Works, as well as its highly secret photography event program which will test and further develop what comes out of the research and development program, which is the successor of the Phantom Shootouts. It will be its Area 51, and the photography events will be held in secret, remote locations and studios, all restricted sets. These web sites will say much, but will reveal little. With these web sites, and including the modeling jobs program web site which will connect to the job boards of Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, and Independent Modeling, the domain count goes up to ten.
None of these web sites exist, yet. They soon will, and they will be everywhere, and impossible to ignore.

ALERT 03/05/15/0950 - Branding for Aurora PhotoArts research and development program and its secret photography event program finalized. Each will have its own web site.

What used to be known as the Curtain Works research and development program for Aurora PhotoArts, and its secret Phantom Shootouts photography events, which was a part of Tampa Shootouts, have been redone, with new branding. The branding is currently classified, but both brands have a relationship which will make sense, unlike Curtain Works and Phantom; the branding will soon be revealed.
No other photography, design, production, or services company in the world will have a research and development program like this, and a lot of resources and funding will be invested into it. The research and development program itself will be part of Aurora PhotoArts, and it will be the support infrastructure and the engine behind everything. The photography event program will be the testing ground, and it will be the execution of the research and development program.
This program and the photography events will enable Aurora PhotoArts to have services and capabilities which far exceed anything else in the Tampa Bay or Florida markets, and will make our company one of the top photography and design companies in the world in the next few years. Both the research and development program and the events will develop new processes, workflow protocols, post production techniques, more cost-effective ways of doing things at quality levels which the competition cannot touch, and will test new equipment, technology, and techniques. Both programs will be our Area 51. Expect some revolutionary things to come out of those programs.
Normally, we would keep these programs at a black level, and would not even acknowledge their existence. It is a good strategy to let the world know, and put everyone on notice, however, that Aurora PhotoArts is very serious about investing back into itself, and will constantly innovate and improve what is offers for the benefit of its clients, as well as increase its capabilities. Acknowledging that these programs exist will also enable us to incorporate the programs into the business and into the photography business operations.
That said, the web sites for these related and tightly integrated programs will be the ultimate tease, because they won’t reveal much more than what we can reveal, which would be the branding, and that something is going on behind closed doors. The sites will certainly keep people guessing and speculating, which is a form of marketing in itself. Expect a lot of extremely mysterious content to be published on these sites.
Models and support personnel contracted into these programs will undergo an extensive security check. Information will be dispensed on a need to know basis, only, and security will be extremely tight. We will not be working with anyone in these programs from the outside, also, and will work with models and people whom we have worked with before in other projects with these programs.
The new secret photography event program, which will be ongoing for many years to come, is no longer tied to either of our main photography event properties, which used to be just Tampa Shootouts. It would be a third main photography event property, spun off from the original Phantom Shootouts source, and that is why it will have its own web site; a web site which says a lot, but will ultimately reveal nothing.

ALERT 03/04/15/1030 - New web sites for the successor of Tampa Shootouts are in the works.

With branding and web site operating domain names decided and finalized on the 28th of February, we are currently building several web sites for all of the associated projects. Creation of the web site directories began today, on 4 March.
We will not be linking to these web sites from Tampa Shootouts or from Tampa Workshops when they are finally online, although it will be easy to tell if you saw them that they had their roots here, as some of the event branding, fonts, and the art direction will be very similar or related, as we nailed that quite well the first time out.
These web sites will be up and will be fully operational this Spring, at which time we will begin building a roster of models, photographers, and others with which to contract as our labor force for the events, with event roll outs scheduled for this Fall. A full roll out of all events will be in 2016, and nothing will ever be the same again, although we expect the morons to start panicking this Fall. What’s that? No way Jose!

ALERT 03/03/15/1005 - Event formats and cashflow formulas finalized for the successor of Tampa Shootouts.

It was not easy, either, because time management and other details had to be worked into every aspect of the events, and a balance had to be achieved. We ran numbers from 28 February until 1 March, and were happy with the result, and then we found out that we had to add more models, and it all started all over again. What made it tough was keeping the model’s pay up to where it was with the addition of extra models, which fell into place when we increased the event prices by 25% (still 20% below other modeling photography events, and several times more than an event “business” which Tampa Bay Modeling put out of business back in 2011; put out of “business” because of a single article published about it. Being several times above the price of that extinct event “business” is not a problem, because the organizer did not know what he was doing and did not know what to charge, and the only reason that he made money at it was because he did not pay the models whom worked at his events, which, in our opinion, ripped them off) and increased the model’s pay by 5%. Obviously, a lot of math was involved (the pay, when adjusted to the parameters of the initial event format and time management variables, actually went up, despite the 50% increase in models and paying modeling jobs!).
With the goal of doubling the pay of the models for high risk work, such as glamour and boudoir, we had a puzzle. Increasing the price of the base, family-friendly events pushed against the higher prices of the higher risk modeling photography events that were already defined (defined by what we know people will pay), and kept us from doubling the prices of those events so that the extra money could be applied to what the models made because the new prices were too high. So, we increased the prices of the higher risk events by 75% over base and then gave the models another 5% in pay, which solved that problem nicely. We also had to factor in tax withholding on our end, because we have to pay taxes on our events, obviously. Models, as contractors, withhold their own taxes, and are solely responsible for paying their taxes, as we are not their employer.
For those of you wondering why we put so much work into these formulas, well, the bottom line is that models get paid, and despite the fact the we have no competition, we worked hard to make sure that they were paid well, as we only want the best professional models associated with our events. There will be none of this amateur models “helping” out like we have seen with other events, and we will not use models as free labor. If we make money, the models make money.
Although our event formats and cashflow formulas are classified, we have no problem going over the numbers with professional models after we have approved them to work our events, before they decide to get involved. They will be happy by what we have come up with.
What we have come up with will set the standard for modeling photography events in the Tampa Bay market, too, although it could be argued that what had already been up on Tampa Shootouts has set standards in the market since 2011. Many are already trying to copy what has been revealed on this site and what has been revealed on Tampa Workshops (which we are keeping online, too, in addition to Tampa Shootouts), which is futile when what we are working with now makes what is on this site obsolete by about two generations (why we simply started over again). Still, it is nice to be able to get people to do what we want while they think that it was their idea to rip us off. They are so easy to trick and manipulate, especially since they do not know what they are doing and have to resort to learning the business from us. Despite this, they still can’t get it right.
We fine-tuned the branding of the various event properties, too, on Saturday, 28 February. We changed the branding to something easier to remember and spell.
As the future leading supplier of modeling jobs in the Tampa Bay market, and a job leader where we choose to work with professional independent models and other industry professionals while cutting out the talent agency middleman, our plan is quite interesting. Not only will we supply models with legitimate, professional modeling jobs which pay well, but when word gets around that these are legitimate jobs, and that they pay, those out there whom exploit models as free labor while they make money will be FORCED to start paying models, or they will lose their models and the support of models, which will put them out of “business”. Modeling job scams will also lose a lot of money, because our modeling jobs are not scams, and they will be forced to try to go legitimate! We will force change by changing perceptions, and the conditions, of the market, and we have no problem paying for that change while we make a great deal of money doing it, as well as helping professional models to make a living. It takes money to make money, after all, and models will go where the money is!
Of course, then there are of those faux modeling fashion runway shows out there which don’t pay models, and all of these cheap rip-off’s, the third-rate counterfeits, of the real fashion weeks in New York, the fashion “weaks” of the Tampa Bay area and fashion shows which are, supposedly, for “charity”. For charity? Hey, whatever you have to say to models in order to convince them to work for free while you make money off of their backs!
They will be forced to start paying their models, too, in the future. We already told one organizer to start paying models, and he refused, stating that the designers needed to pay the models, and it was not his responsibility. Well, he no longer will have a choice. Start paying models, or lose them when you cannot compete with superior fashion runway events from us which will pay models.
It is our opinion that the models whom put up with this are amateurs, and are idiots, and the organizers whom do not pay models either do not know what they are doing, are greedy and unethical, or are a combination of everything. They will be put in their place!
Easily done, because we are not impressed by what we see in the market, and are quite bored by it. We were hoping for actual competition.
We have been running all of this through a panel of experienced models, all confidentially and all on the down-low, and they all were very excited by it. As one model stated, “You are going to piss off a lot of people when you make them pay models in order to compete with you!”. .

ALERT 02/28/15/0831 - Branding, domains, and web sites set for the successor of Tampa Shootouts. Several web sites are in development. All details remain highly classified.
Operations to commence in 2015.

Today, we finally decided and set all of the details for the successor of Tampa Shootouts. This includes domain names, web sites, event and workshop branding, the group networking events, the research and development program for Aurora PhotoArts, and the secret photography events used by the Aurora PhotoArts research and development program (the names of that program and the secret photography events associated with it are even connected in a cool, related, relevant way, and both will each receive their own dedicated web site!). All names and combinations of names have cleared trademark and domain checks. For extra measure, we will continue other checks over the weekend, but we expect no issues.
What we have now is at least TWO generations ahead of anything here on Tampa Shootouts, with much more advanced and refined formats and technology, and it is all brand new; cutting-edge for 2015! All aspects of the events, marketing, and protocols have security and safety measures built into them, too, which will minimize the risks of repeating the issues that we have experienced in the past, during the Tampa Shootouts development phase of 2011-2014.
The second photography company and its affiliate companies will also be equal partners with Aurora PhotoArts in running these events, participating where relevant.
The marketed events and workshops will range in price from average to expensive, with the value proportional to the features and benefits. All models and instructors will get paid for working in these events, too (Models whom are interested may start sending a cover letter, resume, and a current comp card to P.O. Box 1224, Riverview, FL 33568-1224, starting on Monday, March 2, 2015).
We will also proceed with our photography and networking event series, which is dramatically improved. Bans on previous participants which were banned under Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops stand. These events are invitation-only, with vetted professionals only, and are NOT open to the general public. Requirements for participation are strict. That said, we will have TWO different kinds of networking events, and the second type is something which has never been done in Tampa Bay or Florida before (professional photographers are going to LOVE it!). Details of these networking events will not be revealed until they begin.
We have even developed a successor for the Beacon Shootouts. These photography events will be used to evaluate models and photographers for jobs; the events are secret, and are smaller than the networking events. The branding has changed, although the font will not.
All details concerning the successor of Tampa Shootouts are highly classified, and security measures are incorporated to protect trade secrets and to keep competitors from learning from us.
Events will be held at secret locations and various venues throughout the Tampa Bay area.

ALERT 02/21/15/1040 - Successor of Tampa Shootouts under development, but underway. Three shoots with several models have already been completed in beta photography events.

We had that shoot on December 6, and two more in early 2015. Branding, with the exception of our research and development program for Aurora PhotoArts, is established. Branding for the research and development program and the secret proving ground photography events connected to that program will be decided soon.
Although this site is technically closed, we are posting this notice here because it is the only place where we can post about this publically, as we know people are reading this, and they are looking for the most current information on what we are working on. It’s not like we can link to the new web sites or what they are, as well as how the new business model is organized. We have budgeted to keep this site online for the foreseeable future in an archival capacity, so it is perfect for posting updates on our progress.
Besides, we love teasing people.
Oh, and no, we can’t post pictures from any of those three shoots, as we would have to use templates using the new branding. We are not going to reveal the new branding until we are ready to. We will show the pictures, eventually. Just not on Tampa Shootouts.
We are also looking at something interesting at the moment. If it pans out, we will have to put priority on building and deploying the new web sites, as well as building them up. We would also have to build and deploy an additional web site quickly. We will know more by next week.
The modeling jobs program, which is directly connected to the successor of Tampa Shootouts, will have a site online in the next week or two. The other web sites will be online by Spring 2015, and we are planning on beginning public photography events under the new branding, with paying modeling jobs, by Fall 2015. Failing that target date, it will be Spring 2016. Regardless, however, this is going to happen within the next year, and we will set and maintain the standard in the Tampa Bay market.
We are currently monitoring “photography events” which appear to be a result of study of our web site and the information that our affiliates, such as Aurora PhotoArts, have out there. These events use outdated formats, however, and we do not see them as being able to compete with us in any capacity. It is not like a weak emulation of what we were working on in 2011, and flawed execution, can compete with what we are rolling out in 2015. $25.00 for an event, eh? Hidden costs which are a liability? What would they say if we claimed that we could get away with a sustainable, profitable photography event series for ten times that amount which will outsell and outbook them, regardless of what they do? What if we were to prove it, and that there was nothing that they could do about it? Don’t establish a format which you will have to dig yourself out of (see the latest notices on Tampa Bay Modeling and on Florida Models for notices exposing their greatest flaw). We lead. Others follow. We act. Others react. It would be nice if we had actual competition, but, frankly, we do not. Still, others want desperately to be us, but they lack the talent and skill to succeed in that ambition, which continues to be out of their reach.
After all, this is our market, and we are not only leaders of that market, but we are smarter. They know that, too, because they try to learn from us, an ongoing demonstration that we know what we are doing, and that they do not.
Leave the professional photography events to us. Quit now.

ALERT 11/30/14/1601 - The successor of Tampa Shootouts to begin on December 6, 2014, ushering in the next-generation of photography events.

The first modeling photography event for the successor of Tampa Shootouts will happen on Saturday, December 6, 2014, under the new branding and format. As of now, this first photography event will be with three models.
All of the events will be completely rolled out and online by Spring 2015, with the jobs starting in the Fall of 2015.
The specific details of the next generation photography event format, as well as branding, were finalized on November 15. Since this new business model, which is built with proven components and will prove to be both effective and revolutionary, is critical for the business operations of Aurora PhotoArts, the primary sponsor and administrator, as well as for both evaluating professional models and photographers for jobs AND being a source of jobs for them, the web sites will have priority, and we may have them up in time for the shoot on December 6.
There will be two main web sites, one for the actual events with jobs, and one for evaluating models and talent and networking events, and they will all be highly incorporated into the current and upcoming talent resource sites. What began as Athena will be expanded under the new format and will receive its own stand-alone web site and marketing domain name, and the new Athena events will be scheduled and executed as-needed, and will no longer be monthly. This means that there will be more than one Athena event a month, at times. Another one of the Tampa Shootouts brands will be used as the main branding for the new business model; the term “Shootouts” will no longer be used in any branding or descriptions. Also, while the branding may be similar, the business models and format are completely new, making what is here on Tampa Shootouts extremely outdated and obsolete. All of the branding here on Tampa Shootouts, with the exception of Beacon, were retained and reformatted for the new business model.
Tampa Shootouts will be kept online for the foreseeable future, and will be referenced as an archive of a successful development program.
It had not been decided if we will link to the new web sites from this one, or announce specific branding on here. We are also not sure if this web site will be referenced or linked to from the new ones. While we did reveal a next-generation Athena, we did not reveal the rest of the branding. We can only say that it will not be “Shootouts”.
We still have a few details to work out this week, however. A lot of the development work was done here with Tampa Shootouts, however, so there will be some details which will be very familiar, as Tampa Shootouts got a lot of things right, and was ahead of its time. We just redid everything and made it much better with all-new formats and branding; it is truly next-generation. One next-generation feature would be event security, which all aspects of the new business is built around. The events are secure to the point where models and photographers will be able to participate without any security risks, and they will have a very, very difficult time learning how the events work or leaving them with any trade secrets. The events, after all, are engineered to evaluate others.

ALERT 10/09/14/1136 - Getting complicated and simple.

A lot of work with Passinault’s second photography company, related properties, and the successor to Tampa Shootouts happened today.
Passinault ordered a complete redesign of what was Tampa Shootouts, freely using the ideas from Tampa Shootouts, but not bound by them. Some of these photography event properties will spin off several new web sites; all of these web sites will be new properties. The branding of all of these web sites and event properties will be different than Tampa Shootouts, and the branding of retained event properties will be adjusted.
With an emphasis on modeling, talent, and photography jobs, new job resources connected to his dominant talent resource sites, and networking projects which have to be defined, while avoiding conflicts in business operations, marketing, and branding, an entirely new generation of concepts and business support resource is emerging for 2015.
When these photography events finally start next year (actually, they will probably start this year, but the public ones are scheduled for next year), many of them will be different than what was originally conceived with Tampa Shootouts in the Summer of 2011. Very different, and much more effective.
Some will prove to be.... revolutionary.
Part of the challenge of this work will be to keep the complex parts under the hood and the process both simplified and invisible to the end user. Such engineering will also make it extremely difficult for anyone to study how we work and how this works, and discourage them from stealing from us and from copying us. To the models, talent, photographers, and others, it will be a simple process to get involved and to stay involved. Under the hood, however, will be the most sophisticated event, marketing, business, support, and infrastructure engine to ever grace the Tampa Bay area, easily 20 or more years ahead of anything else out there. We are much smarter and more experienced than those who aspire to compete with us, and we will demonstrate this in the coming months and years as we set and maintain the market standard in several diverse, as well as related, fields.
The new web sites in development will be designed with a larger canvas, as well as an active dynamic thumbnail array derived from the successful Tampa Bay Film online film festival and the newer Athena Class marketing and support web sites in front line use by Aurora PhotoArts. These 3rd Generation web sites will be very advanced, and will use SES (Search Engine Superiority) technology and tactics as well as the strategic application of web site stealth technology where needed.
The end results, of course, will be jobs and the development of support infrastructure needed to do those jobs, as well as keep them cost-effective and the quality of the work at a premium.
Tampa Shootouts will be a bookmark in the history of this infrastructure of interconnected event and project properties as a successful development effort.
Although this site is closed, and will probably not see any updates after the end of the year, it will remain online.
As of now, the information on this web site is outdated. It is not to be taken as fact, as a marketing effort, and this site is for informational use and historical reference, only.

ALERT 08/10/14/0330 - It is done.

Several domain names for the new branding and starter web sites were established this morning. The successor for Tampa Shootouts will be run by a new photography company, and it will be affiliated with several related companies. These companies are at least 20 years ahead of anything else out there in the world, and can be done today cost-effectively with today’s technology and resources. They are, literally, photography and modeling businesses of the future, and their impact in the Tampa Bay area will be exactly like the impact that a network of interconnected companies from 20 years in the future would have on the market if they were introduced now. More importantly, every aspect of these companies work, because they were developed from experience and from business technology which is proven. This is not hype; it will be proven.
As they are, now, there is absolutely no way that anyone in the market can compete with what is coming, and they will have one hell of a time trying to adapt to the new conditions introduced to the market and trying to catch up, especially with the advanced security protocols in place. Sure, you can look, but you will not be able to touch or approach, especially since you will not be able to study, comprehend, or be able to reverse-engineer these new businesses. We expect people out there, the lesser-talented, the no-talents, and the primitives, to try to steal from us. We planned for it, and we are more than ready for it.
The new businesses are also engineered from the ground-up to prey upon the competition, which is an entirely new concept in business, and they can follow through on that design. How can there be competition when those who try to compete are eliminated from the market because they cannot adapt to new conditions, cannot compete, and go out of business? Keep in mind, too, and this is important, that this will be done professionally, ethically, and within the bounds of the law; this is not an admission of wrongdoing or the reveal of something which is unethical, unprofessional, or illegal. This is no threat of any kind. It is a prediction based upon known facts. We simply have superior ideas and proven concepts, and these concepts are like a virus introduced into an ecosystem; a dominant genome. Everything else has been selected for eventual extinction, and will be displaced and eliminated. We are smarter than those who oppose us or who are trying to compete with us, and this, too, will be proven. Besides, what everyone else is doing is, simply, boring and limited compared to what we do, and soon, everyone else will know that, too.
What is going to happen when models find out that we know what we are doing, and that we know more than you do? Be afraid. You will lose your models and your support.
Those who oppose us, the future, will fall before us. On the plus side, many of you trying to turn photography, modeling, and fashion shows into a business will be able to recoup some of your investment from your failure, as you provide us with a source of cheap, barely used, or new cameras and equipment. Your failure is our opportunity, born of a situation that we will be responsible for, and proudly so.
We are tempted to go out, buy some adult diapers, and give them to certain photographers. By 2015, when many photographers see what it is that they are up against, there are going to be some accidents, and they will need them. Larry, Jonathan, Jeff, Alex, Darryl, Doug, Dewayne, Mark, Kevin, and others, you will never need laxatives or prunes again. What they will be up against will be completely and absolutely overwhelming, and they will not be able to compete or adapt to the new standards which we will impose upon the market. They shall aspire to be like us, and they will fail. Isn’t the point of trying to have a photography business to make money? How will you be able to do that with us around?
We suggest that you quit, now, and leave this business to the real professionals.

ALERT 07/20/14/1815 - Branding finalized. Something huge is coming.

It is our pleasure to announce that the branding for Tampa Shootouts is going to change this Fall. Although we will retain the rights to the Tampa Shootouts name brand and will keep this web site online (don’t expect many updates from now on, however), the branding for this will be shared with the new branding for the second photography company created by Aurora PhotoArts, a spinoff company and brand which also will have a lot to do with modeling and fashion in our market. Details are classified right now, but this is going to be big. It is going to rock and revolutionize the Tampa Bay market in modeling photography, modeling, fashion, and in other related areas.
With this announcement, our workshops brand will be absorbed into the new brand and company, consolidating that under the new brand under one web site, and the independent film workshops, which will be offered free of charge, will now fall under Tampa Film Revolution, which will add a lot to that web site and brand. News of this will be announced on Tampa Bay Film today.
This means that we will be getting rid of three of our Pioneer Class web sites, too, which directly tied into Tampa Shootouts, and that the Tampa Shootouts web site will be the only remaining relic of a three year research and development period for what is coming (those web sites will be sabotaged before we scuttle and abandon them, ruining the domain names for anyone thinking that they are going to buy them after we give them up. You’re welcome!).
The branding for specific event and workshop properties will be adjusted, although, other than one brand, Beacon, which we are looking into changing but will still retain the rights to Beacon, regardless, the others won’t change. The Athena modeling photography and networking event series, for example, will stay the same under the new brand, and will continue to be our flagship monthly event series, especially since the name goes with the new branding in at least two different ways. The word “Shootouts” will be discontinued, though, on all of the brands, and will be replaced with a more appropriate, and relevant, term.
Fonts and some design concepts developed through Tampa Shootouts will be retained, however, as will many other things. They will all just be done under different branding. Just like Tampa Shootouts, the new company will focus on modeling and photography events, although other related types will also be produced under the new brand. Oh, and the rules that we developed concerning conduct in the events, including the rights and releases, will not be changing. Deal with it. We have to abide by all of that, too.
One more thing. The main Passinault event planning and stage production companies, which are still on standby and have yet to be branded, coming sometime in 2015, will not be this or have anything to do with the brand, and the new company will share a relationship with those main companies just like the second photography company and associated brands have a symbiotic relationship with Aurora PhotoArts, which remains the main photography and design company under Passinault. That said, that’s the official word for now.... This thing may gain so much momentum that we may simply decide to use the brand in those areas, too, and it is being considered.
More will be announced, soon.
With that, updates to this web site will slow down, and we will link to the new operating web site of this new web site, which is technically the second generation of Tampa Shootouts, long after operations commence and when public events are finally offered.
As of now, Tampa Shootouts has been placed on standby, with few new updates planned for the future. This site is closed.

ALERT 07/20/14/1655 - Events on hold. Study and final decision on final branding. Events to resume in the Fall of 2014, with full roll out in 2015.

Although we did attempt to rebrand some time ago, and had decided to stick with Tampa Shootouts, this name may not be the final name, after all. What we built in 2011 was way ahead of its time, and was the most sophisticated and effective modeling photography event business of its kind, anywhere, as well as cost-effective. Things have..... Changed.
You see, we outdid ourselves, and made the past business model obsolete. What began as Tampa Shootouts may end up as a successful research and development program. It also served its purpose, by default, because just the threat of us doing an event shut down some photography event businesses while dramatically diminishing the effectiveness of others. They reacted and failed to adapt, and we did not have to do a thing other than launch and update this web site. That alone was an accomplishment.
What we have today is even more advanced, and it is far different from what we started out with. It is also far more important. While we worked on development over the years without any shootout events other than a small shootout event that first time and a successful Beacon Shootout event a few months ago (which did a good job showing us that we needed new camera gear, which we went out and invested in, and which we have shot with several times already. We are now ready), this continued to evolve. What we are working with now is very, very different. It’s the future, quite literally, and a future which can be done cost-effectively today.
In the beginning, we came up with a superior photography event format based upon our long history of experience producing the best, and the most productive, modeling photography events, going back to 1999. When we tried to roll out operations under Tampa Shootouts in 2011, we were ready to go, but experienced some set backs which we had absolutely no control over. First, during the first event attempt on September 25, 2011, we had a difficult time getting anyone to participate (We received some hate mail from photographers complaining about our “rules”, and we even picked up a stalker, a traitor, and an angry sell-out model before the end of 2011), although we did end up having a small shoot that day after the original event was cancelled and rescheduled. Then, a few months later, a second attempt to get things going was put on hold due to some serious security concerns over the actions of some unethical and unprofessional people. It wasn’t us. It was them.
We decided to wait. It was a good thing, too, because we spent the next three years developing something even better. That worked out well for us, too, because we never had to waste our time dealing with photographers and models who did not deserve us or what we were offering, and we are happy with how it turned out (and those who gave us problems will not be allowed to participate with what is coming, regardless of how much that they will beg, and they will, as they will be kicking themselves when we have the best modeling photography events and workshops in Florida, and they will want to get involved more than anything; this is especially tragic as we will be a source of paying jobs for models, photographers, make-up artists, stylists, and others. People, don’t screw with and alienate the businesses offering the jobs that you are in business to book. There are a lot of people on our list whom we will NEVER work with, and they did it to themselves.They had their chance, and they blew it, while revealing to us their lack of character, integrity, ethics, and professionalism, and the only one who is exempt from this would be the photographer known as Robert L., as he did not do anything wrong. He gets a pass. So-called “photographers” such as Jonathan can stay away, as we know what kind of people that they are now, and Jonathan, in our opinion, is a duplicitous idiot who does not know what he is doing, and we do not see that changing).
Which brings us to the branding.
First, comes the term “shootout”. Although our placement in the search results for relevant terms is exactly as designed, and where we want it, the term comes up with some crime related results, and that’s not wanted. There is more, too.
On July 7, 2014, Aurora PhotoArts finally finalized the branding for the second photography company that it had been working on since 2004. With that accomplished (the branding will be significant, and will change the face of modeling photography and fashion in the Tampa Bay area starting in 2015), we once again looked into the branding of Tampa Shootouts, a final check before we start to really push these events, which are extremely important; much more so than they were in 2011 or before. This means, of course, that the success of our photography event properties is assured, since a lot of resources will be going into those events (and there is a good business reason, as well as other reasons, to do them, which we do not have to reveal), and there will be more than one event per month by 2015. We were compelled to look into the branding, again, especially due to what we will be unleashing in 2015, and from what we know that the future of photography and modeling in the Tampa Bay area will be, a future which we know because we will be the ones creating it and managing it.
Aurora PhotoArts has been overhauled, and will be the premier photography and design services company in Tampa Bay for years to come. The second photography company, which is far more than a photography company, will also be a major influence on the market. We also have a new generation of talent resource sites and organizations coming to the market in 2015. The final piece of that new puzzle is our modeling photography event properties, currently known as Tampa Shootouts.
So, we are looking into the branding (and we are looking into tying in the branding and the logo of that second photography company into this, which looks to be a real possibility, as that new photography company may take over for Aurora PhotoArts, although the R&D programs, such as Phantom, would benefit both Aurora PhotoArts and the new photography company. If we decide to do this, you will not only understand, eventually, but a lot of people out there will be intimidated by what is coming, as it is indeed the next generation of what began as Tampa Shootouts, and it will be extremely effective and aggressive; anyone trying to compete with us will probably not even try after they see the full scope of what they are up against). We may even adjust the branding on some of our event properties. We will not take too long, however, although during this research and decision-making time our events will continue to be on hold. We won’t take too long because, whether it is done under the Tampa Shootouts brand or another brand, we will resume our events this Fall.
Regardless, if we do decide to change the branding, we will retain the rights to the Tampa Shootouts brand and keep this web site up for the foreseeable future. If we do decide to rebrand and launch a new web site, we will link to it from this one once public events are offered.
Stay tuned. Great things are happening, and coming!

ALERT 02/18/14 - Beacon Shootout 0001-140217: Genesis, a success!

The first official Tampa Shootouts photography event, a Beacon Shootout modeling photography event titled “Genesis”, was successfully accomplished on Monday, February 17, 2014, ending a long period of delays for the commencement of operations which have been ongoing since the Fall of 2011. There will be several shootout events in 2014, which will be a shakedown period for our events.
The photograph to the right, now on this front page, was one of the photographs taken during that event. Although it is branded with “Athena:, it was taken at a Beacon Shootout event.
Pictured at the right, trendy, creative, and ultra-cool micro model Kyra was photographed during the first official Tampa Shootouts modeling photography session, “Genesis”, on February 17, 2014, in Riverview, Florida. This was a Beacon Shootout, a small shoot, and the photographs developed from it will be used for Athena Shootout marketing, which is the case with all Beacon Shootouts. This session was a blast, as you can see here. Trivia: Because the actual Beacon agreement was not ready to be used for this session, and was in development, Aurora PhotoArts modeling photography service agreements and releases were modified and used; ironically, the agreements for the Athena Shootouts, which now need to be updated and upgraded, have been ready for use since the Fall of 2011. Photograph by Tampa Bay photographer C. A. Passinault, Aurora PhotoArts. Photograph used under the terms of a written release on file. Copyright 2014 Aurora PhotoArts, Tampa Shootouts. All rights reserved.

ALERT 02/14/14 - First official shootout event scheduled for Monday, February 17, 2014

After years of delays and additional development, with many enhancements and advancements, including lots of extra security, the first official modeling photography event for Tampa Shootouts is about to begin.
It just won’t be an Athena.
Consider this to be a 72 hour notice of an imminent scheduled event.
This shootout event, scheduled for this Monday, February 17, 2014, will be a Beacon shootout event, and it will be small, with a handful of models. It will also be the first of many shootout events in 2014, which will also see some Athena’s. 2014 will be a shakedown period for the shootouts, with some of them private and some of them public, and we expect to be up to full speed by 2015, when the workshops and other first-party jobs begin, as well as the second generation shootouts (which will augment the existing Tampa Shootouts event properties, and will not replace them, nor make them obsolete in any way. Each event property has a specific purpose and an unique format for the property). All current announced (first generation) shootout event properties are expected to be fully operational by 2015, with several per month by that time (there are frequency charts here on this site which could be used as a reference, still, as to which events and how often). With Tampa Shootouts now supporting the modeling jobs program of Independent Modeling, Florida Models, and Tampa Bay Modeling (expect a brand new site for this, specifically, on the February 15th, which I started working on in August 2013, although I will not link to it or show it on this web site, yet. This new site will reference the modeling job boards of all three modeling resource sites, and it will be fully operational in a few months. The name, for now, is classified, but it will be on the lips of every model by 2015, I’m sure; I am very, very serious about the modeling jobs program, and it will be worked, and pushed, hard, even though I am not an agent, will not be starting a talent agency, and will not make a dime by referring models to any jobs), as well as providing support for my projects and business interests, Tampa Shootouts will be sustainable and successful by default, and it will become a force to be reckoned with. I will literally be working with every professional model in Florida through these shootout events (exactly why and how, I’m not saying, but I will say that it is completely professional and ethical. I won’t say specifics because I am not in business to train aspiring competitors. Let’s just say that the shootouts make a lot of business sense) over the next several years.
The Beacon shootouts are private shootout events with models, some of whom are clients of Aurora PhotoArts, and an Aurora PhotoArts photographer, which would be me, C. A. Passinault. Beacon shootout events primarily are used to develop marketing material and support resources for the other shootout event properties, as well as other projects.
Much like my Sunburn Film Festival, my flagship underground film festival for Tampa Bay Film (an independent film resource site which I own. I work many different industries, which further enhances everything that I do because each industry cross-supports the others. Do people really want to try to compete with me?), where a group of industry professionals watch and review independent films with a peer group review (I’m toying about doing something with this with private viewing events where models look at and review photography and modeling portfolios, and then we publish the fun, so don’t tempt me), the Beacon shootouts can be mobilized in a short period of time, often a few days, and done with minimal resources. There will be a lot of these in 2014, and then fewer as other shootout event properties come online, become operational, and get up to speed.
I have two models already scheduled for this small event, and will probably get a third involved. Although this is not one of my secret Phantom shootouts with the testing of new gear and experimenting with new technology and techniques, I am going to use this event to test out some lenses. It should be fun!
Due to the security risks associated with geotagging, new restrictions on cell phone use will be in force with all shootout events, as most of the locations will be kept private (any cell phone pictures taken at any event which are discovered will lead to the suspension of the responsible party from all future events and disqualifications for any projects, which include jobs. I am not playing around, and will ask that everyone keep their cell phones off when in, and near, shootout locations. Besides, it’s rude to be on the phone instead of participate, and to participate is to give the event your full attention. Participants will also be prohibited from revealing specifics about the events, including the locations, after the fact, and this will be in the written event agreement and the general conditional release which they will sign). This is one of many new additions to the formats of the events.
I do not know yet if I will post pictures from this event, yet, as I may just use the pictures for marketing support of Tampa Shootouts by redirecting the output to other areas. I have not decided, yet. I will, however, at the very least acknowledge that it occurred, as well as report on how successful that it was obtaining our goals, even if I do not specify what those goals were. I’m not doing this to train aspiring competitors, so I will be very selective regarding any information which I will release to the public on this, or any other, of my web sites. Beacons shootouts are formatted like that, and my super-secret Phantom shootouts are even more secretive than that, as I do not even publically acknowledge that they occurred; all details of those events are classified, and are regarded as trade secrets (Phantom ties in with my Aurora PhotoArts Curtain Works program, which is an ongoing classified research and development program which begins this year. Phantom is our proving ground for new gear, new techniques, testing new business concepts and service workflow formats, and a lot of other things. It is our black development program, and we even have our very own, secret Trinity-like site for testing. Aurora PhotoArts is already the most advanced photography and design services company in the world in regards to business and marketing, and the actual photography and design work will reach that level within a few short years because of our research and development program, which is the only program of its type and scope for any photography company in the world. I have a lot geared toward investing in future capabilities, as well as cost-effectiveness. When I get done, there will absolutely any way in hell that anyone will be able to compete with Aurora PhotoArts in Tampa Bay, or Florida, and only my even more cutting-edge second photography company will even come close. I want photographers who try to compete with my company to be terrified of doing so, and this will happen by default, if it hasn’t happened already. I want them to know that they can’t compete, to accept it, and to be discouraged from even trying. This is my market, and it will stay that way because I will increase my lead and dominance. I do not just run a business. I run the market here in Tampa Bay, and history will prove it. It’s as it should be). Other shootout event properties, on the other hand, will give out a lot more information, as that is their purpose.
The most secretive of my shootout events, other than Phantom, which is my most secretive, would have to be the Beachhead Shootouts. Those will be sneaky ones, as well as a lot of fun for less-than-obvious reasons. Those shootout events are designed to be done without letting anyone other than the direct participants know that they are happening, and will not be acknowledged or reported so that they cannot be tracked in any way, and their output will be redirected into other channels to throw observers off of the trail. I don’t even want to give anyone any clues on how and why because I do not want to give them anything which can be used to recognize them if they are around them. Why do them if they have to be like that? Well, let’s just say that there is a purpose for them, a very good purpose, and I’m not going to reveal what that is, either, especially when I am in the position when I do not have to. If I did tell, I’m sure that a lot of “photographers” out there would copy what I am doing and claim that it was their idea while bad-mouthing me, because that it what a lot of them do. They can’t compete, and I intend to keep it that way, especially, when, again, I do not have to reveal specific information on some of these events.
I do not require anyone’s approval or permission to be successful with this, or for it to benefit the participants. These are my rules, and this is my game. I work, and negotiate, from a position of strength. It is one of many things which will assure market dominance for myself and my allies. Oh, and one more thing: It’s all 100% legitimate. What I do is ethical and professional, which is something that can’t be said for most others in the Tampa Bay market; since they don’t really know what they are doing, they cheat and scam, and that is not what I am about. I’m smarter than that. I have figured out how to do this legitimately, and always have, and would not be in any business if it could not be done legitimately.

ALERT 01/21/14 - After almost three years of waiting, an overhaul, and additional development which changed the format of our events substantially, our shootout events will begin in 2014, and our workshops and other paid jobs will begin in 2015.
It wasn’t always going to be this long of a wait, however. Actually, when we started this, we put together our first shootout event rather quickly. Starting from the Summer of 2011, and the first Athena shootout event was ready to go on Sunday, September 25, 2011. Had everyone shown up, it would have happened. It did not matter, however, because I was there, one of my actor friends was there, and one of my model friends later showed up in Brandon. Ultimately, it DID happen, just not as it was planned, and it was not our fault.
After that, it was rescheduled for January 2012. December 2011 has other things in mind, however, and after a so-called “photographer” backstabbed and attacked me for no reason, I scrubbed that one, too, and put everything on hold until things could be worked out, and security concerns could be addressed.
It did not matter, though, because, literally, I did not need any of the people who flaked, and I was doing them a favor by simply having these shootout events. The first shootout event, as it was formatted on September 25, 2011, was the most advanced modeling photography event in the history of Tampa Bay, and it was the loss of everyone who chose to disregard it. Had it happened, it would have made history, and things may have turned out differently.
Basically, the ones who lost out blew it, and they will not get another chance (I am certainly not faulting Ali, however, who will continue to work with me, as she had a valid reason not to attend).
As it stands, now, however, things are different. The events have been expanded and refined. They are even more advanced, now, with an additional generation of development and two years of work. Security is tight, also, and we have engineered the events so that amateurs are discouraged from attending, and that the likelihood of anyone flaking is greatly diminished. Indeed, even discounting our Beacon and Phantom shootout events, we will never have any shortage of models, or photographers, once we allow other photographers to participate.
Things are a lot different now. They are even better, although there was nothing wrong with what we had before.
2014 will start out with a lot of Beacon shootout events, which will be with my model clients. Before the other shootout events begin, we will overhaul the web site (sections, such as the blog, may be discontinued. I have not decided, yet. I certainly don’t want to be complaining all of the time on my blog, although the way things are set up now, that would fix itself by default). As I acquire the latest, and more, equipment , I will be doing my Phantom shootouts to experiment with that equipment and learn it.
The Athena shootouts, also, will be less of an emphasis on being a shootout event for the sake of being an event, and would serve more as a platform to support other endeavors, especially with most photographers being restricted from participating. I no longer have to “sell” the Athena shootout like I did in 2011, and professional models will be highly motivated to participate, for reasons that I can’t go into here (Tampa Shootouts, too, will be more of a support site for other professionals, with the transition to marketing for our target market, which would be clients who pay for the paid shootout events and the workshops). The Aperture shootouts have a purpose, too, which I’m not revealing at this time.
So, will I allow other photographers to participate? Well, yes, eventually, but they won’t ever be allowed near my Phantom events, which are private research and development projects. Qualified professional photographers will be allowed to teach my workshops. Other photographers, who would pay to participate with shootouts and workshops, would also be allowed, after a screening process.
At any rate, Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops are more important in 2014 than they were in 2011, and are an integral part of my business model, so rest assured that these events will be supported, they will happen, and once they start, they will be sustainable, and there will be a lot of them. After all, whether anyone out there realizes it or not, now, it is no longer a buyers market. It’s a sellers. It should be, because I engineered it that way.

ALERT 07/20/13 - An official news statement about our upcoming Phantom Shootouts is coming, which as of today was officially designated the Phantom Experimental Photography Events Program. There is nothing like this in the world, and what will come from this classified, ongoing program are some of the most advanced photography work, art direction, and photography business models in the world. This new technology will ensure market dominance and the technical and creative superiority of Aurora PhotoArts and our upcoming second photography company. The Phantom Shootouts program will also be used to develop marketing portfolios for other photography markets. Details are classified, and information is dispensed on a need-to-know basis only; all participants will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and their identities will not be publicized. The resulting work will be routed through affiliate channels and cleaned so that this program cannot be monitored or observed. Tens of thousands of dollars will be invested in this program over the next three years, and this investment includes new cameras, lenses, filters, lighting, modifiers, computers, file Phantom Experimental Photography Events.storage, equipment, and studio support technology. Passinault announced today that this program would use new Nikon cameras, as he is phasing out his Canon cameras and equipment.

ALERT 07/19/13 - We have some good news, and some not-so-good news.
Which is which really depends on who you are.
We are on track to the debut of our first shootout events this Fall, and it is looking like it will be October 2013. The catch is that these will NOT be public shootout events like Athena. We will start with the private, model-centric Beacon Shootouts, and then, once we invest in some new equipment, we will also start doing our highly secret Phantom Shootouts. With both Beacon and Phantom, and especially Phantom, other photographers need not apply. You will not be attending these events. While you might know about the Beacon Shootouts, mostly indirectly, you won’t know anything about the Phantom Shootouts, which are so classified that we will not even publically reveal when they happen, what is being worked on, and what has happened, as the Phantom program is our ongoing “black” research and development program (you are lucky that we even acknowledge that the program exists and what its name is, and we do so only to serve notice to our competition that we are very serious about maintaining market superiority in every way).
These private shootouts will run for at least six months before we attempt any public shootouts, such as Athena, and Athena will have to run for several months before we are ready to produce any workshops or second generation shootout events which will provide paying work for selected, subcontracted models, photographers, and other professionals. One step at a time, especially since our workshops and paying shootout events will require money and other resources invested to get started. We have three roll-out phases now planned, and it will take, at least, a year to do this, with all operations up to full speed and fully operational by the end of 2014.
For now, it is all about the private shootout events, Beacon and Phantom, which will be needed to pave the foundation for what is to come, and to develop resources that we will need to produce and sustain the other events (security is also something that we will be investing in). Athena, for example, is a monthly shootout events, and we need the resources to keep that going, every month, with the best quality in the Tampa Bay market. Consistency is critical for these shootout and workshop events.
Beacon will be for Aurora PhotoArts lead photographer C. A. Passinault and the model clients of his company, Aurora PhotoArts. The Beacon Shootouts will develop marketing material for use in marketing our other properties, such as Athena, and will be used to train and staff our other events, such as Athena. We will also be trying out and perfecting concepts for our other events during Beacon Shootouts, and will be using the private events to develop other event properties as a working development environment.
The Phantom Shootouts are highly secret; they are the most classified modeling photography events in the Tampa Bay area, Florida, and the entire country. They will not debut until late 2013. Phantom is a secure, working research and development program for Aurora PhotoArts, exclusive to Aurora PhotoArts and only the most trusted, professional models (most of whom will NOT be identified, and will only know what needs to be known to participate in the shootout; the models will not know of other participating models or other Phantom Shootout events other than the ones that they are directly involved with. The models will only be aware of what is being worked on during the Phantom Shootout event that they are directly involved with. This will not be a problem, as we will not be showing any official work developed from the Phantom Shootouts, as any work that is shown will be re routed and re branded in our other channels so that the Phantom Shootout events cannot be monitored, traced, followed, or evaluated. What is developed in those events are considered to be trade secrets). The purpose of the Phantom Shootout events, which can barely be disclosed on here, is to develop new photography concepts for Aurora PhotoArts and our upcoming sister photography company, as well as to evaluate, test, and become proficient with our latest equipment investments and technology. New techniques will be practiced and perfected in the Phantom Shootouts. New workflow management concepts will be tested and perfected long before they are fielded. The Phantom Shootouts will be an ongoing project, and it will ensure market superiority in quality and range of work in this market; Passinault has stated that tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of work will be invested in Phantom over the next few years. The results will be stunning, and services and products developed from this program will not only be dramatically superior to anything else out there, but will be very hard to replicate by anyone attempting to compete with us.
So, we will begin our shootout events this Fall, on schedule. It’s just that they will be private shootout events. Expect our monthly Athena Shootouts to begin in Spring 2014, and our first workshops and paid shootout events to debut in the Fall of 2014. We can afford to take our time and do this right, especially since the emphasis will be ongoing professional industry jobs for models and other professionals, and once those paying jobs are there, and word gets around that the best jobs, from us, pay, nothing else will matter. You can wait, too. It will be worth it.

ALERT 07/04/13 - We are still on track to beginning the shootout events this Fall, with workshops and second generation shootouts to begin in 2014 (We have three of these new second generation shootout events in the works, and one of them, which will debut later this year, is our secret one for the research and development of Aurora PhotoArts technology.). Tampa Shootouts will be up to full speed in early 2014, and we will maintain that momentum with more than one shootout event per month, and with at least four workshop events per year (and probably more by 2015 or earlier). A new, secret shootout event series, for qualified, professional models, and used to develop new photography concepts and to test new equipment for Aurora PhotoArts and its second photography company, will commence later this year. That one will be known as the Phantom Shootout Event Series, and will be the most classified shootout event property in our arsenal. The Phantom Shootouts will be the first of our second generation of shootout event properties; the second generation augmenting our first generation, most of which have not debuted yet, instead of replacing them. In 2014, we will have eight ongoing shootout event series (Beacon, Athena, Aperture, Lace, and Beachhead comprising the first generation of shootout event properties, and the other three of the second generation, which include Phantom) and at least two workshop series, making a total of ten event properties. A new Tampa Shootouts web site will launch this Fall, as well, but it will look like this one. Bans and restrictions will be enforced, forever. We are now going over our schedule for 2014, and we will announce this new schedule when the new site launches in the Fall.

ALERT 05/28/13 - Shootouts will begin in late Summer, 2013, after a two year delay, perhaps as early as July, and our workshops will begin in late 2014. The shootouts will start out slowly, and then build up to speed by early 2014, with up to several shootouts per month; we will begin with a series of Beacon shootouts, and then will expand with the Athena monthly shootouts, which will be used as an ongoing working audition to screen professionals for subcontracted work in our workshops and in our second generation shootouts, which will be paid shootouts formatted like scaled-down workshops (without much of the instruction).
C. A. Passinault has stated that he will commit substantial resources from Aurora PhotoArts to support the shootouts, that he will literally work with every professional model in Florida over the next three years, and will continue to work with professional models and talent. The defection rate of these models to our events and projects will be high, especially when they see that what we have to offer is superior, in every way, to anything that anyone else has to offer, and that we are, by far, the standard in the market. The models will also find out that we know what we are doing, and know more about the business than anyone else in Florida.
There is more, too. Passinault has announced that the monthly Athena shootout events will be used as working auditions for all of his modeling jobs and his projects, which include modeling events and fashion runway shows (the fashion runway shows will be the only ones, that we know of, in the Tampa Bay area which will pay models and give support to their careers. This will force our competition to change in order to compete, and will help the overall integrity of the market; of course, this attempt to compete will not mean much, as our "competition" does not, and will not, have the resources and the support infrastructure that we do). Passinault has also indicated that Aurora PhotoArts, and his upcoming second photography company, will undergo a massive research and development program starting this year, and that it will be ongoing; the research and development program will be done in the shootout program, testing new equipment and technology, and bringing those resources to operational use (that R&D program will be conducted under tight security in private, classified shootout events, with only the best professionals allowed to participate, as the latest Aurora PhotoArts equipment will be deployed and new techniques will be developed during these events. Don’t expect any of this to be revealed at any of the Athena shootouts; this new, secret shootout series is yet to be named. Passinault will be investing tens of thousands of dollars into that program over the next three years). This means that resources used in the shootouts and support of our events is guaranteed. This will happen, and will continue to happen. Literally thousands of models and other industry professionals will become involved in our events, and most will continue to be involved. We will retain and work with the best, and we all will benefit.
The shootouts and workshops, as well as modeling and talent jobs, will all be completely supported by our modeling and talent resource web sites and their job boards, which include, but are not limited to, Independent Modeling, Independent Acting, Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Talent, Tampa Bay Film, Tampa Bay Dancer, Florida Models, Florida Actors, and Advanced Model (We acquired both Florida Models and Florida Actors last year, which are the top modeling and acting resource sites in Florida; upon acquiring those sites, we immediately deleted several ads and links to thing that we did not agree with. Most of you know those sites, that is, if you know what you are doing and have done your homework in the industry. No one has the industry resources that we have, and that includes the modeling and talent agencies and the modeling schools. No one has our online and marketing firepower, either; they don’t even come close, even if you combine everyone in the industry).
The Tampa Shootouts web site will be overhauled this Summer, with new content added to reflect what we are working on. We are also going to be building an additional web site which will help to support our shootouts, and which will become an invaluable resource for both us and models. Our shootouts and workshop events are extremely important to our larger overall plan, and it will become obvious in the coming months and years.
All shootouts and workshop events will be covered extensively on Tampa Shootouts and on our affiliated web sites through videos, photographs, and articles. If anyone decides to skip out on what we have to offer, they will be able to easily see coverage on what they have missed, and the smart ones will change their minds.
Although the original Athena shootout agreements from September 2011 are still in effect, we will be overhauling the agreements over the Summer, and the new ones will be used for the upcoming shootouts.
Photographers (Jonathan and David, this means both of you. You know what you have done, and are going to be held responsible for your actions. You both made the largest mistakes of your “careers”, and we will be constantly reminding you of this when you will be forced to be on the outside looking in, and, in the future, you want, more than anything, to get involved. Not that losing both of you is any loss for us, as it is our opinion that we would have had to carry you, anyway, and that you both would have benefitted more from associating with us than we would have from you) and models who have been banned from participating with our events, our projects, and our jobs have been banned for life. This ban will be in effect this year, next year, ten years from now, and much longer than that. They did it to themselves. We do not work with or associate with unethical, unprofessional people in the industry. When we get started, many others will join us in our boycott of these people.

ALERT 05/10/13 - Work is progressing on our photography shootout, modeling, and workshop events. The Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops web sites will be overhauled this Summer. The third web site in development will not be Tampa Shootouts/ Workshops branded, and will serve to market to established professional models and other industry professionals. The marketing will not be to sell them something, but rather to recruit; to let them know about legitimate industry job opportunities with our shootout and workshops, in addition to other jobs, and to set up an evaluation process for them so that we can consider them for the jobs that we offer (after all, isn’t that the point of being in a profession, to get work?). We need experienced, talented, good, trustworthy, legitimate professionals to subcontract into our projects. Tampa Shootouts, and anyone who we are associated with, directly offer these jobs, and are not an agency or any kind of other middleman (models do not need to go through agencies to get work, anyway, and we are going to be among the first to consistently prove it. We will work with models represented through agencies, and with agencies, as they are still legitimate parts of the industry, but it is not required, and frankly, both you and we save money by cutting out the middleman, so basic economics weigh into the consideration process. Think that you are going to be able to compete with professional independent models when we can get as-good, if not better, by avoiding paying agency fees?).
As a bonus, this new web site will directly link to the industry job boards of Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, and Independent Modeling, all of which are the world’s top industry resource sites for independent models and independent professionals in the modeling industry, and all of which we are directly affiliated with. These modeling jobs boards are made available at no charge, and with no obligation to buy anything or any services, anyway.
Likewise, there is no obligation to buy anything to be considered for any of our jobs. If we did obligate someone to buy something in consideration, we would be a modeling job scam, which we are definitely not, as all of you will pleasantly discover. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Our actions and track record will define us.
Shootout events will begin this Summer with a series of private Beacon Shootout events, and we are on track to have our first public Athena Shootout event in the Fall of 2013, after a two year delay where we had to address some accountability and security concerns. Our workshops and new generation of shootout events (which will augment, and not replace the current ones) will begin in the first half of 2014.
Which brings us to this.
We are the standard in the Tampa Bay market for photography and modeling shootout and workshop events. We will become a leading source of paid work for models, photographers, make-up artists, and other professionals in the industry. Money will talk. So will our new professional benchmarks. Everyone will find out that we know what we are doing, and we do it better than anyone else. We will earn their trust.
What we do will force all of these so-called charity events and sub par modeling photography events to change their ways, and try to adapt to the new conditions which we introduce to the market. You have no choice if you wish to try to compete (and workshops such as modeling industry boot camps, as the angry model tried to do, and modeling schools will fail, especially if they keep stressing the outdated concept that the “agency way is the only way”, which is both ignorant and incorrect. An open market is superior to a closed market, especially when that closed market enables unethical conduct and the manipulation of others, and everyone knows that, even if they do not want to admit it). These events will be forced to start paying models and other professionals, and the main reason that this will happen is because our events will be superior, and we will pay the models and talent who work these events. Everyone will realize this, and no one will ever want to work for free again (and, we may add, the agencies will realize this too, although the ones whom have proved that they are unethical are going to find out that we will not work with them, and will eventually realize that they did it to themselves).
Additionally, this goes way beyond shootouts and workshop events. We are just one facet of something much larger. Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops are produced by the same production companies that will be behind a new modeling event series, a fashion line, and a modeling team. Everyone will want to work with us. Some will not be eligible, however, because of things that they have done. The photographers whom were responsible for our cancelled shootout event attempt in January 2012 are banned FOR LIFE (Mr. “Pro Photo”, or whatever you try to call yourself to point out that you think that you are a professional, and David, as well as some others), as are others who were responsible for what happened on September 25, 2011. You are all going to find out that you are not welcome at ANY of our events, as well as any of our affiliated projects, and that you did it to yourselves by proving that you are unethical, irresponsible, and cannot be trusted. This may not seem like much now, but in the future, when this market is clearly ours and these people want to work with us badly (and our competition, which they are currently involved with, are crippled or out of business), it will be a very big deal. We remember, and we are going to make sure that some of you do, too.

ALERT 04/21/13 - Tampa Shootouts, and Tampa Workshops, will be overhauled this Spring and Summer, in preparation for the commencement of operations. A lot has been going on. What we have developed here was well ahead of anything else in the Tampa Bay market, as well as Florida, and it still is (even more-so, now). We’ve enhanced everything, including workflow and security. The issues of the past are no longer relevant.
The blogs will be discontinued, as well as some other site sections, as the sites will be optimized more for marketing and support, instead of opinion. A third marketing and support web site is also in the works.
The first shootout events will be this summer (2013), and the workshops are scheduled to follow, in early 2014. Everything will be up to full speed by 2014. Until later, enjoy what is on the site!

ALERT 09/30/12 - It was decided on September 28, 2012, that Tampa Shootouts will remain as our main site and business name covering the shootouts and workshop events. The alternate domain name, which would have been used for our new branding, will instead be used as a resource site to keep modeling photography shootout and workshop events in the Tampa Bay area in check and address issues with them, as well as educate the target market on how to evaluate shootouts and workshops to see if they are worth getting involved with, will also protect us from some unethical company using a brand which may confuse our target audience. Updates to this site will resume, and the content will be overhauled soon.
Our shootout events will begin in late 2012 with a series of Beacon shootout events, and the public Athena shootouts will begin in early 2013. Our first workshops will begin in the Spring of 2013. Please note that this schedule is tentative, and may change at any time, without warning.
Our shootout and workshop events will be supported and sponsored by Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, Independent Modeling, and Advanced Model, as well as our other relevant resource sites and outside sponsors.

ALERT 09/16/12 - This web site will no longer be updated with new content. This web site is moving, and our branding will be adjusted for the new web site, which will replace Tampa Shootouts, Tampa Workshops, and the two support sites. We already have the new domain name, and will be uploading foundation content for it today. The names and branding of all our event properties, such as Athena, Beacon, Allure, etc, will not be changing. Additionally, we will maintain and protect the trademarks associated with Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops, as well as our other brands. Domain names which we will keep will eventually lose the web sites connected to them, and will be forwarded to the new domain and web site. Domain names which we choose not to keep will be destroyed; we will trash the domain names in the search engines so that they will be de listed, and they will be useless. We are keeping Tampa Shootouts, however. We will also link to the new web site, once it has launched, from this web site, before it is decommissioned sometime next year. The new web site will be a Pioneer Class site, like this one, but with some advancements and design refinements. Regarding the shootout and the workshop events, they will happen, and they will be very popular, as well as effective, although we will not be inviting anyone who is not completely cleared through our security for a while (no unknown photographers will be invited to our events, as they were cause of the problems that we experienced a year ago, until we have the proper security infrastructure in place. There are too many unethical, unprofessional photographers in this market for us to take any unnecessary risks right now, and we don't want to deal with them). This means that the first shootout events will be handled by Aurora PhotoArts, with few invited photographers, if there are any at all.

ALERT 08/02/12 - Big changes are in the works here at Tampa Shootouts and on our affiliated sites! Our events will become the standard for shootout and workshop events in Tampa Bay area, eventually, but we can wait (right now, we are busy with something else, including the photography business of Aurora PhotoArts, which is the only thing more important than shootouts and workshops. We will wait to do these events until the proper support infrastructure is in place). Some of the information here is in transition, and will change. New things, as well as sites, are coming soon! For now, we are more than enough for our competition to handle without doing any events at all, with just the fact that our web sites are up forcing others to change and try to adapt to new conditions in the market; standards which we have already introduced. Without doing a single event, we are already the standard in the market. We can wait, and again, will wait until we are good and ready (and it is going to be a while, perhaps 2013, before we offer any public events, although we will proceed with private shootout events with our models, such as Beacon, before the end of this year. We are currently overhauling our screening and security procedures, as well as enhancing our event properties and marketing. All of our events will have trained, core staff on-hand. We will have meetings about what we are working on, and what we will be doing, this fall for invited professionals).

UPDATE 05/11/12 - Tampa Shootouts News:
Introducing the Beachhead modeling photography shootouts.

UPDATE 09/16/12 - Tampa Shootouts Blog Post: Final Blog Post For Tampa Shootouts.

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Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series
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Where professionals collaborate and inspire.

Welcome to Tampa Shootouts, TampaShootouts.Com, home of the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series, a free monthly photography and networking photography shootout event, as well as other, more specialized, shootout events. This is an activities group, which does photography sessions primarily on location. It is our hope that photographers, models, and others in the industry come together to have fun, expand their skills, and work together to improve the integrity of our industries. The focus of our events is to help models, photographers, and other industry professional enhance their careers and be able to land legitimate work on their own. Judging from what we have seen from other "modeling photography events" in the Tampa Bay area, we are certainly needed, too. We are the events for working professionals. We stand for what we believe in, which is professional integrity and quality.
Tampa Shootouts is more than just a series of photography and networking events, however. There is more! We have industry workshops where aspiring talent can learn new skills and the business, and our shootout events are a way to evaluate professionals for help with these workshops. These are paying, subcontracted jobs at the workshops, and the only way to be considered for those jobs is to participate with our shootouts. As a result, we have a much Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts. Provocative swimsuit, glamour, boudoir, lingerie, and sexy modeling. 18 and over. Check it out in 2012!higher ratio of professional models, photographers, and others in the industry participating in our shootout events, especially our flagship monthly photography and networking shootout event, the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series, the backbone of Tampa Shootouts, TampaShootouts.Com.
There is a lot more, too! Professionals who participate with our shootout events are also eligible to be considered for our regional photography association, or our regional modeling association. Members of these professional groups share many benefits, among them being able to be marketed and promoted through our array of industry resources.
We’ve put a lot of thought and work into how we organize our photography shootout events, and we’ve learned from experience over the years. Although our official shootout events are new, our experience doing shootout events goes back over a decade. Tampa Shootouts photography shootout events are heavily covered here on Tampa Shootouts, and we will have the most documented events in the market, with anecdotal accounts, video, and photographs. We want our readers to be able to follow what is going on, and to become inspired to become a part of these exciting events themselves!
Of course, there is even more, but we cannot go into it, here. Let’s just say that it is worth it! Get involved, work hard, and you’ll find out!


Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series.

Aperture Photography Shootouts.Beacon Modeling Photography ShootoutsAllure Sexy Photography Shootouts. Provocative swimsuit, glamour, boudoir, lingerie, and sexy modeling. 18 and over.

Beachhead modeling photography shootouts.

Where professionals collaborate and inspire. The professional standard in photography shootout, workshop, and related events.

Tampa Shootouts. Where professionals collaborate and inspire. The professional standard in shootout, workshop, and related events. For models, photographers, make-up artists, and stylists in the Tampa Bay market.

Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series

Beacon Modeling Photography Shootouts

Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts



Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series. TampaShootouts.Com

Athena Shootout Event (ASE) 1: The Outland. Premier shootout event!

The Outland - Athena Modeling Photography and Networking  Event Series.Our first event, and the first of the Athena monthly Tampa shootout events, Athena is for models, photographers, Make-Up Artists, and Stylists. This is a free, but private event, and invitation-only. The Athena shootout events are our flagship shootout events, and will be the shootout which will have dominant coverage on this web site. Athena modeling photography events, held monthly starting soon, will set the standard for modeling photography shootout events in the Tampa Bay market. Athena photography events will also be family-friendly, which means that they will be career-safe for models.
We are going to make the Athena photography and networking events fun, too, and fun should be a part of it. We are going to work hard to not only make our shootout events the new industry standard for photography events!
The Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series are usually held on various locations in the Tampa Bay market, as these are free events, and we have to keep our overhead down, but some of these shootouts may be held at various venues, residences, and photography studios in the area. There is even talk about hosting most of the Athena photography and networking events are a local studio in the future, which may either be the upcoming Aurora PhotoArts studio, or the Joint Photography Studio (JPS) of our regional professional photography association. Stay tuned!

Monthly modeling photography shootouts and networking events for professional photographers, models, makeup artists, and stylists. Specialized photography shootout events for specialized fields, such as high-risk photography work. Professional industry workshops and courses. Instruction by working, experienced professionals. Photography, modeling, and talent events. Paid opportunities for subcontracted professional photographers and models.

Share your experience and help maintain professional standards in the market and in the industry; help your career by helping others.

Our first networking shootout event will premier soon*!

*Regular monthly shootout events can be expected thereafter, which will become the backbone of all of our events. Monthly shootout events are free of charge to participants, and are family-friendly. Participation in any monthly shootout event does not obligate the participant to buy any service, product, or workshop. We do not work with new models at our monthly shootouts, and although they are not obligated to do so, any new model inquiring on participating will be referred to a model testing program or other services from a professional photographer where they can invest in their career.

By Tampa Bay Modeling, C. A. Passinault, the Tampa Photography Society professional photography association, Independent Modeling, Advanced Model, Florida Modeling Career, Tampa Bay Photographers, the Model Dominion professional model association, Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, Frontier Event Planning, and Frontier Stage Productions.

Beacon modeling photography shootouts.All participants of any shootout event participate at their own risk, and assume all potential liability.
All participants of the Tampa Shootouts event are required to identify themselves with a photo I.D. and proof of age before being allowed to participate with any event. All participants are required to read, comprehend, and sign a written agreement before being allowed to proceed with the participation of any event.
Although there is no cost, unless otherwise specified, for participating with any shootout event, participants assume all responsibility of any costs which are incurred as a result of their participation with the event, which includes, but is not limited to, parking, traffic citations, fuel, milage, food, water, and other costs. Food, water, equipment, and supplies are NOT provided for at any of these events, and participants are responsible to bring what they need. Participants accept complete responsibility for any connections or agreements made as a result of participating with the event, which include people who they meet, and agree to hold Tampa Shootouts, the organizers, and our affiliates, sponsors, and partners harmless from any and all claims of liability and legal action. Potential legal action and liability are waived from Tampa Shootouts and all of the above affiliates.
Participants of our events are encouraged to bring business cards and other material, to meet other participants, and to let others know more about you, as networking is one of the main purposes of these events.
No promises of employment or jobs were made for the consideration of participation in any of our shootout events, and we are not obligated to refer any participants into any paid job.

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